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Zavier Jewelry

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rue creativity, amazing beauty and meticulous craftsmanship are the essence of every Zavier product. Best known for its fine jewelry and creative use of vibrant colored gemstones, Zavier's footwear and leather goods share equally impressive quality in design, creativity and craftsmanship. Each product incorporates the best points of our high-quality materials without sacrificing the integrity of the fashion design.

Zavier is a specialty store offering premium grade gemstone jewelry, handbags and shoes at truly affordable prices (50 - 75% off retail). Zavier products are produced in limited quantity, to maintain the exclusivity of each item.


Gifts for Her: Save up to 65% on Jewelry


very piece of jewelry offered by Zavier represents the highest standard in design, craftsmanship and originality. Wide varieties of gemstones are featured in Zavier pieces, and every stone is hand selected for its color, clarity and cut. Zavier jewelry is designed to be enjoyed for generations.

Most retailers and manufacturers focus on mass manufacturing products to meet certain cost criteria, sacrificing quality and exclusivity. In opposite, Zavier’s products are designed and produced to meet a “Standard”, maintaining true design integrity and craftsmanship that would pleased the savviest shoppers. Not forgetting the "value" part of the equation, Zavier is able to offer premium grade products at up to 75% off retail, due to its direct operated design and production facility.

Zavier’s products are targeted at value conscious shoppers who appreciate fine things that are not widely available. This group of shoppers has high resilience to economic conditions, and is the most “stable” consumer group.

Zavier shoe'savier creates highly fashionable yet truly comfortable shoes. High fashion and comfort are two elements that generally didn’t co-exist with fashion shoes until 2006 when Zavier introduced its revolutionary Real Comfy shoe technology.

Orders are shipped from our state-of-the-art fulfillment facility strategically located in Indiana where shipments can be delivered within 3 days by FedEx Ground to most states within US. In addition, Zavier is the only "better" store offering truly affordable international shipping. International orders are shipped via FedEx International Priority (1-3 days) at extremely low flat rate, starting at just $8.99.

avier's handbags and other leather accessories, like its jewelry and shoes, embody original, creative designs that are not only practical but very stylish. Zavier leather accessories are handcrafted with the highest quality Italian leather and other materials. Designers for Zavier aren’t limited by cowhide – at times they will create Zavier’s most exclusive items with exotic leathers and skins.

o prevent counterfeiting, every genuine Zavier product is delivered to you with a Zavier Authenticity Card and our distinctive signature packing. Jewelry boxes are sealed with a Zavier tamper-proof hologram, and leather products are sealed with a tamper-proof sticker label.




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Gifts for Her: Save up to 65% on Jewelry

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