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Ross-Simons Diamond Jewelry ShowcaseRoss Simons  
Ross-Simons is proud celebrating our 56th year. Ross-Simons Diamond Jewelry Showcase

 read more about ross simons

Canada Diamond Jackpot An aerial view of an open pit mine is seen at the Diavik diamond mine, south of the Arctic Circle in Canada's Northwest Territories, February 13, 2008. Once a hotbed of gold mining, Canada's far north is now unearthing riches from a different precious commodity - diamonds. Picture taken February 13, 2008. REUTERS/Cameron French

Antwerp Diamond city is a real gem

Are diamonds, chocolate and fashion your thing? Or maybe you'd just settle for good food and plenty of history. You'll find them all on a short break in Antwerp,...

Houston diamonds  
 De Beers sales representative Jaydn Bui, left, speaks to customer Angela Pham as she tries on the $1 million "fancy yellow" diamond ring at Houston Diamonds . The store plans to offer pieces valued at more than $20 million.

diamond tourism kerala buy diamonds and stay for free ! P.P Sunny, CEO of Sunny Diamonds, is offering a one-week free-stay in a five star hotel in the state to the prospective customers. Diamond tourism Kerala department’s bid to bring diamond buyers to state

Turkey diamonds 
Turkey shuts door on 'blood diamonds'Diamonds from the conflict areas of Africa, brought to public attention by the movie ‘Blood Diamond,’ will no longer be allowed to be brought to Turkey.

Furniture, accessories go all a-glitter diamond weather

Gemlike products add sparkle and playfulness to rooms

Place VendômeParis Fashion: The jewelers of Place Vendôme get in on the act

Dior: A Diorette ring of yellow gold.

Liberia's Diamond Industry Back in Business 
Beginning Monday 30 July 2007, Liberians can start applying for licenses to mine, sell, or broker for diamonds. This follows the weekend lifting of a six-year moratorium on the trade in diamonds.

American Gem Society Laboratories  
A Diamond Is Forever noticed the women's fine jewelry self purchase trend and launched the "Right Hand Ring" marketing campaign. 
Indian Diamond Institute 
n institute dealing with diamonds in India has launched an online system to verify the diamond grading documents....

peoples diamondCanadian wins peoples diamond Spectacular Grand Finale for HRD Awards 2007

This diamond neckpiece was designed by an acclaimed India-born, Canadian designer Reena Ahluwalia.


Damas diamonds presents Roberta Porrati's new collection for the contemporary chic

International jewellery retailer in the Middle East


London Diamond Trading Corporation DeBeers group. THE END OF 350 YEARS OF LONDON’S DISTRIBUTION HEGEMONY and Mumbai diamond bourse soon opening

Security Council lifts Liberia diamond ban 

Historically, mining—especially for precious gems such as diamonds—played a large role in Liberia's economy


Africa Diamonds news

The Political Economy of African business Diamonds

A few years before 9/11, the world's curiously selective conscience was shocked by images from the little West African country of Sierra Leone. There, an insurgent group fond of hacking off hands and feet with machetes funded its war by exploiting slave labor in diamond fields, smuggling gemstones via complicit dealers (Lebanese, naturally) to Liberia, then onto world markets...
African business Diamonds

diamond dealers club new york 
New York diamond dealers club Diamond District Struggles to Keep Up 
One of the biggest changes has come thanks to the Internet, where diamonds are now bought and sold, squeezing out the minor players that help populate the $143 billion jewelry business. 


Belgium Alrosa diamond What is your opinion of Russian-Belgian cooperation on the diamond market? What would you say about Alrosa’s plans to increase exports to your country?

Seeping Giants and Untold Riches! - Look out your window and see if pigs are flying. Why? read Canadian diamonds invest


CANADIAN MINING PERSPECTIVES: VIEWPOINT - Canada loose diamonds conflict

80 Carat Tanzania Diamond Found by local miner

A local miner in Tanzania recently found an 80 carat diamond on Douglas Lake Minerals Inc.’s newly acquired Magembe Diamond Property. The Canada-based diamond company’s CEO, Harp Sangha, said the discovery is a “good news, bad news story.”...

 Dubai fashion and diamonds show to be annual celebration

The Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre (DMCC) unveiled its new 99 facet “Dubai Cut diamond ” on December 6, 2005. This patented cut is produced only by Kristall Corporation (Smolensk Kristall) for DMCC. Kristall, the largest Russian polished diamond manufacturer, will produce a limited number of these diamonds, only around 1,800 stones annually.

Moscow Diamond Bourse Celebrates WFDB Membership

Possibility of a New Las Vegas Diamonds Exchange 

The team from the World Jewelry Center project in Las Vegas is in Israel trying to drum up potential clients for its new jewelry complex set to open in 2010

The World Bank predicts that the Angolan economy will record in the next twenty years a production boost in diamonds that can turn the country into the world's biggest producer of this mineral. 
read Angola Diamonds could become world's biggest producer according to Worldbank
    related: Angolan diamond war
                Angola diamond licences 19,000 diamond mining companies London - Angola has issued diamond mining licences to 19 000 companies out of 28 000 who applied when the country recently liberalised its mining laws, the Antwerp World Diamond Council reports in its November 21 'Antwerp Facets'.

Namibia diamonds
De Beers to sell diamonds locally in Namibia

WINDHOEK --De Beers will, for the first time, sell locally a certain portion of the diamonds produced in Namibia, as part of the new sales agreement that the world’s largest gem mining company will sign with the south west African country. read Namibia Diamonds

Ghana Diamonds

Ghana Sanctions Kimberley Process Scrutiny of its Diamonds 
The government of Ghana has agreed to cooperate with international efforts to step up surveillance on the alleged sale of so-called conflict diamonds mined and transported from  Ivory Coast. 


Antwerp diamonds history Antwerp has been very prominent in diamond cutting for five hundred years—the first written mention of diamond cutting is in Antwerp in 1550. Located in the Flemish section of the country, Antwerp is on the northwest coast of Belgium. In the very early years of European development, Antwerp was over-shadowed by Brugge in terms of international trading, but became the absolute center of Belgian trading when Brugge was struck by the plague. 

Tahera 59 carats diamonddiamant canada Le Canada, nouvelle puissance dans la production de diamants 

"Faux comme un diamant canadien" : le vieux dicton hérité du temps de Jacques Cartier est bien passé de mode. L'industrie canadienne du diamant, née il y a huit ans à peine, est déjà florissante, avec un chiffre d'affaires en forte progression.

Tahera 59 carats diamond

Finding the 59-carat stone was a "sparkling highlight" of the quarter, said CEO Peter Gillin. Valued at over $400,000 US, it will be auctioned in Antwerp.

helzberg diamondshelzberg diamonds : Dramatic Reinvention Saves Some Jewelers During Tough Market 

Helzberg Diamonds doesn't compete for the same shopper as its mall counterparts, said Stacey McBride, a spokeswoman for the company, which has stores in MacArthur Center and Lynnhaven Mall. The store prides itself on "straightforward pricing," with no haggling. "What our price is, is what we sell it for," she said...

GIA New Cut Grade System Starts: Jan. 1, 2006!

Finally, after 15 years of research, it's here the online Gia cut grade software!

Diamond tel aviv dealers returning

World Diamond Congress set to open in Israel next week, four years after previous event was transferred from country due to intifada. 'This is opportunity to present Israel as good place for doing business,' organizers say. read diamond tel aviv

diamonds usa USA: Diamond Imports from Africa at $1.5B in '05 

diamond clubs list WFDB Secretary-General's Offices and Diamond IDMA around the world

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will update the wording and the placement of “brillianteering” comments on its Diamond Grading Report and Diamond Dossier® for standard round brilliant diamonds beginning July 1, 2006.


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tiny diamond hoop earrings to look younger

Clark diamonds auction Revealed: The stunning $19million hoard of diamond jewels owned by reclusive heiress...

recycled diamonds bad for market  can make prices of diamond tumble

Diamonds symbols
Diamond remain the most popular symbol of a couple’s commitment

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