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Jewelry stores future in innovative retail concepts


jewelry making supplies Making simple jewelry is a snap with easy to use products.  Stretch Magic elastic cord is what I use when I create bracelets. 

Diamond Jewelry 

J.Lo's Diamond Worth $50,000

Jennifer Lopez refuses to give back diamonds jewelryAfter the show all the other stars except Jennifer Lopez returned the jewels to Robert Mouawad. read Jennifer Lopez refuses to give back diamonds jewelry


Shine on you CRAZY diamond jewellery

India`s craze for buying gold jewellery is legendary. Even as affluence improves amongst jewellery buyers and as the price of gold touches new highs, there has been an increasing trend to go in for diamond jewellery. And here, the latest fashion of course is buying diamond solitaires.

Diamonds and the 80th Oscars 

I was busy writing last Tuesday’s column when the 80th Oscars dresses went on the air. I heard snatches of the ceremony but completely missed the Red Carpet prelude. I went to the Oscar Web site yesterday and took a glimpse. Below are some descriptions: ... read Diamonds and the 80th Oscars 

Jewelry Information Center (JIC) Launches Gem Awards - see the winners video

What is a Jewelry Making Shopping Service?

Rena Klingenberg first stumbled onto the "jewelry shopping service" approach to marketing handcrafted jewelry a few years ago. ...

How to Track Down Nonpareil handmade Jewelry

unique diamonds giftsunique gifts : 43% of women in the Gulf prefer unique diamond jewellery over any other gift

Rough Diamond ring

What is wrong with Alaska Jewelry Stores ? That's Quite a Rock.
'Rough' diamonds -- some looking more like gravel than gems -- edge into the rough diamonds jewelry market


diamond necklaces Diamond, rock crystal necklace that once graced Anita Delgado among the 200,000-pound jewels up for auction.

 that rocks

Karen McClintock, who created the necklace featured here, has quickly become known as one of Canada’s hottest up-and-coming jewelry designers.

Modern Jewelry Italian silver outshines Yemeni silver



  USA : Amazon jewelry & watches stores for UK, Germany & Japan! Netaya Jewelry growing
JLO diamondsfromnewyork

jewelry dealer business. How a dealer runs a jewelry store

diamonds from new york

JLO diamondsfromnewyork. She did not get in troubles...

wholesale fashion jewelry

Finding an old wholesale name in 'Chic' fashion jewelry 

Echo Chic is an eye-popping boutique home to top designers like L.A.M.B., T Bag and Mimi Turner. Set on a side street in Center City, Eco Chic’s couture is as breathtaking as its customer service. You’re immediately offered tea after your first steps into the store. Owner and fashion stylist Jennifer Ramsay gave me an inside look into the boutique and how it came to life.

This holiday season, the Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO) suggests giving the special women in your life one extraordinary and beautiful gift. A ring, earrings and pendant can be purchased together and presented as a gift from the entire family. 

A cut above
L’Mont Betz learned the jewelry business from his father and has been running his own shop in Columbia since 1983.  

Mayan jewel teethSemi-Precious jewel Teeth

"To embrace our future, we must first embody our past."
          - Christian Noni

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue: Mayan dentistry meets modern dentistry.

Pearl Jewelry Genius

Jewelry maker Shellie Antel strings together a peacock pearl jewelry necklace at her home. Antel says it takes a lot of time to make one necklace, but that is a good thing. “It keeps me busy and out of trouble,” she said.


jewelry auctionsjewely auctions Skinner Auction sold this ring above 80,000$

The  Golden globe red carpet dazzled with the customary big jewels. Some highlights: Hilary Swank was among the stars with softly curled hair, but she upped its wattage with Chopard's diamond brooch (33 carats of white diamonds enhanced by a 20-carat brown briolette diamond).

Oscar Jewels Bling Fling: Oscar night brings out the jewels


If there's one thing P Diddy likes, it's bling for kids

School rings are pricey, but they are still popular,
class rings almost fashionable items among students.

Every year, high school students all over the country buy class rings.


Beyonce white gold diamond ringwhite gold diamond with ruby engagement rings

Big beautiful diamonds at the Golden Globes awards were seen on most celebs with a heavy emphasis on yellow diamonds. Let's take a look at some of the most stunning pieces of the night.

ring bling BEC Hewitt showed diamonds are a tennis wife's best friend this week with a dazzling display worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

wedding ring engagement ring

How much are you supposed to spend on wedding bands — the ones you exchange at the altar? 

Top 10 Wedding rings of 2006 and All Time!

Many celeb weddings have extravagant gowns and star-studded guest lists, but most fall short when compared to the royal spectacle 

India, China to drive global jewellery demand

Jewelry Allergy Warning

Buying some bling could earn you some serious points with that special someone at Christmas, but if you're not careful you could purchase an adornment that could leave your sweetie scratching... See the jewelry allergy video


It's all about the Holiday Bling Jewelry stores see spike in holiday sales. If you've managed to avoid jewelry advertising this holiday season, you must not watch TV, read newspapers or magazines, or go outside -- because it is everywhere. read titanium engagement rings
Making jewelry

Tracilane Jewelry lets Napan's talents shine

Beyonce and Jay-Z visited a diamond ring designer

The Christmas diamond gift 
Chocolate covered diamonds swanky but hard on the teeth
most untasty and expensive gift from the year comes from simons jewelers

art nouveau jewelry

 Ammonite and rose diamond earrings from Lotus Arts de Vivre, in Bangkok, left, and the "Heart Nouveau" diamond necklace, far right, from De Beers LV, a partnership between the diamond miner De Beers and the French luxury-goods retailer LVMH. 

Rough diamonds and Art Nouveau jewelry beat out bling

Natural look makes a comeback, in the raw or with soft Art Nouveau curves


Ramaura cultured rubiesCrowds going gaga over Burmese rubies at trade fair

New Delhi, Nov 21 (IANS) Ravishing red Burmese rubies, dazzling diamonds and many other precious and semi-precious gemstones are making the crowds go crazy at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) at Pragati Maidan complex here.

Eva Longoria Engagement RingEva Longoria Engagement Ring

Eva Longoria 's Romantic Ring Includes 248 Diamonds

Jean Dousset Designs Engagement Ring for Eva Longoria


Imperfections spark sapphires creativity at Dupuis auction

Many of the jewels offered in Monday's event are by venerable houses such as Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Tiffany & Co., and are what would conventionally be thought of as beautiful gems.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Kidney stones to gemstones, jeweler is downtown diamond engagement rings

Jewelry is full of contradictions.
Diamonds are hard, love is soft. 
Affection is free, gems are not.
Keepsakes are kept, sweethearts may sour.

gemstone silver ring show offers pearls of wisdom

You can skip breakfast at Tiffany's this weekend. Instead, opt to spend the day at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Ninth Annual Gem & Mineral Show for a celebration that would make Holly Golightly go wild. This year's show is themed around pearls.

diamonds stolen Belgium

Over 200 Pieces of Jewelry Stolen in Belgium

Over 200 pieces of antique and modern jewelry were stolen on August 12, 2006 from the ART NOCTURNE Fair in Knokke Belgium. 

Diamond Jewelry Arsenia diamonds.

A fine wax model diamond ring . Model Master has grown to become a preeminent innovator of CAD/CAM systems for the jewelry industry... and also a story about the
 History of jewelry stores selling diamond rings


Photo / Rich Schmitt, Staff Photographer

Palisades artist Judith Ubick, a painter and jewelry dealer designer, draws inspiration from her travels all over the globe and from handmade crafts and folk art, which she collects and displays throughout her house.

 Loose Fancy Color Diamonds

Color your world

Colored stones have plenty of flash, but that doesn't mean you'll need lots of cash.


Group of Women, Men Hit NY Area Jewelers


My selection of not to expensive cheap jewelry dealers and also fine antique jewelry dealers


The best selling item from the Kroc estate included a fancy intense yellow, VS1 diamond pendant necklace of 42.13 carats, by Harry Winston ($48,200 per carat) that had an estimate of $1,000,000 -1,500,000 but sold for $2,032,000 to a private European buyer.


engagement rings

Felicia Rodriguez was given a promise ring by her boyfriend Billy Green, a senior at the Naval Academy, to symbolize their "renewed commitment" to one another.

diamond jewelry scam  A gem of a scam. Shady deal rocks insular diamond trade 
LOS ANGELES — Those not in the diamond trade might find it hard to understand why Emile Chayto, a Geneva dealer with more than 40 years of experience, gave $14 million worth of gems to a stranger who claimed to be the wife of the deceased president of the Congo — before she had paid him one penny. 
Unfortunately for Chayto, she was not the widow of Mobutu Sese Seko. And her wire transfer never arrived. 

Bling for boys: more men define boys jewelry as manly




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Jewellery fit for a Queen: Monarch to unveil collection of private treasures like Diamond necklace in time for 2012 Jubilee

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premier jewelry is a home party for you?

7 diamonds clothing company.

jewelry making What is a Jewelry Shopping Service?

excellent diamonds

Super Jeweler bet and wins... Why Ben Whidby wanted it to rain on New Year's Day - probably more than anyone. read Super Jeweler..


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