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Diamond thrills - Now it's rent a rock: Luxury jeweller loans diamond necklaces for £200 a night

For Antwerp Jews, turns out diamonds aren't forever

Jobs in the city's Jewish-dominated diamond industry were abundant, lucrative and required little training. Upwards of three-quarters of Antwerp Jews relied ...

Antwerp Jewish diamond district

Antwerp Jewish diamond district -

Antwerp's Jewish district has something of the feel of a modern shtetl. (Ben Harris)

Better-quality diamonds still in demand in diamond subprime-hit US, says Oppenheimer

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Would You Buy This $320,000 Fabergé Brooch Online?

Sadko Sea Horse Brooch FabergéSadko Sea Horse Brooch

On Sept. 9 2009 the revived house of Fabergé unveiled its first online jewelry collection in 92 years: 100 pieces ranging in price from $40,000 to $7 million.


Diamond returns in the rough when it comes to investing

DIAMONDS MAY be a girl's best friend but aren't all glitter for investors.


H. Stern jewelers to reimburse for fallen diamonds Court:

  "The chain cannot expect the consumer buying a ring to be an expert jeweler."

'Biggest diamond ever' is found in South Africa is probably a scam

GIANT GEM :BLURRED PHOTO: Apparently it was taken in a car but the full photo on the Mining Weekly Online website appears to show a table and curtains. Next to it is what appears to be a cellphone.

It is either the greatest diamond find in history, or a case of fool's gold. 
Biggest diamond
: Claims of huge diamond find met with skepticism by industry insiders

diamonds weather news cocktail party

VANCOUVER ENTERTAINING: STEVE NASH FOUNDATION FUNDRAISER-- Up a steep driveway flanked by rocks and waterfalls, past the mist-shrouded towering trees, along the red carpet and into the foyer of Kyle and Janelle Washington's waterfront home is a table laden with diamonds.

diamond ring foreclosure

With this $48,000 ring, I thee dread

Damien Hirst Seeks $99 Million for Diamonds Skull With 8,601 Diamonds. Encrusted skull Will Be Most Expensive Work Of Art

Bling! Lil John Sets Guinness Diamond Record  $500,000

Crunk monarch and source of Dave Chapelle’s ridicule, Lil Jon, has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for his latest blingin’ acquisition.

oscar diamond dream shoediamond dream shoes 

Singer Alison Krauss arrives wearing a pair of $2 million diamond shoes by Stuart Weitzman for the 76th annual Academy Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles. Krauss will be performing the best original song nominee ‘The Scarlet Tide’ from the film ‘Cold Mountain.’ — AP/PTI

Idol diamonds

New York company helps LaKisha Jones sparkle in diamonds


history of blood diamonds

history of blood diamonds Glitter & Greed: The Secret World of the Diamond CartelThe Awful Truth About Blood Diamonds Revealed By Author Janine Roberts

Delves into the horrors of diamond mining. Extremely timely book to coincide with the release of the Leonardo DiCaprio film Blood Diamond.

cool diamonds cab

Cool Diamonds Worth More Than $30,000 found in cab

Romancing the stone 
Katie Holmes sports the Edwardian-style ring given to her by Tom Cruise.


Antwerp invites DiCaprio to discover the real diamond world

dicaprio diamond (c) Warner BrosANTWERP jan 18 “The script of Blood Diamond is well written and will have the tension in many cinemas running very high. Action and entertainment are combined here with a particularly high level of fantasy. But the reality is quite different. This is why we have invited DiCaprio to the world diamond centre. Here in Antwerp he will be able to discover the real diamond world and see for himself how diamonds are traded today, how transparency has been the key word in the organisation and structure of the sector for several years now. "
read Antwerp invites DiCaprio

In a gesture of love - Dean McDermott has proposed for the second time to wife Spelling Tori engagement ring. “We sat on a bench overlooking the lake and I gave Tori her last Christmas present.”

 The king of celebrity jewellery bling

Theo Fennell's trademark diamond crosses have adorned the necks of Elton John, the Beckhams and the Rolling Stones but, he tells Nick Mathiason, he has had little support from a City which would rather invest in dotcoms than a lovely tiaraThe super-rich are different. They really are. What touches them is not what touches the rest of us and trying to keep a sense of perspective behind the counter when someone spends the equivalent of a small flat on a whim is very difficult,' says Theo Fennell, the glitterati's   favourite celebrity jewellery designer.

`The diamonds are icing on the Christmas Diamond Cake`

DiCaprio Film May Hurt Diamond Sales Over Holidays, Author Says
``Blood Diamond,'' the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie about gems-for-weapons dealing in war-torn Sierra Leone during the 1990s, may hurt Christmas sales of diamonds, according to an author who has written a book about the issue.

diamonds river , Blood Diamonds: A River or a Droplet?

What a fuss a number can make -- one little number. And here it is: Fewer than 1 percent of diamonds on the market today are "conflict diamonds."

drugs diamonds Director Edward Zwick’s movie Blood Diamond has raised a host of questions about Western complicity in the “conflict diamond” trade. To what extent has American demand for diamonds been a driving force behind brutal civil strife in Africa? Should Americans feel guilty about buying diamonds?

fun diamond jokes

Open Letter About Diamonds In Africa Moving from charity to African empowerment: Diamonds provide sustainable economic development in Botswana and South Africa

It takes a child to raise a continent

When you look into the face of a young child in Africa, you should be able to see the future of a better world. Some may affirm it takes a village to raise a child. Yet for many reasons today in Africa, it takes a child with a good education, nutrition, health care and development opportunities to raise a village, a nation and a continent out of poverty and disease.

Nicole Richie - Glendale policeNicole Richie difficult Diamonds time

Nicole Richie wrote "The thruth about Diamonds" about fame, drugs, and romance  but was herself arrested at 1:45 a.m. on Monday december11, 2006 for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol, authorities said.


'Blood Diamond' shows how industry leaders turned a blind eye to the atrocities funded by their policies. The sordid diamonds history behind Africa's conflict 


 New movie puts conflict carat diamonds stick in the spotlight .A woman tries on a diamond ring at the Clay Pot jewelry store in New York. This holiday season some diamond retailers say they are seeing heightened consumer concern about conflict diamonds, the gems mined in war zones that are sold to fund armed conflict. read The carat and the stick

World Diamond Council : Development, implementation and oversight of a tracking system for the export and import of rough diamonds to prevent the exploitation of diamonds for illicit purposes such as war and inhumane acts.

diamond facts Diamond Economic impact fact. Generating Revenues from conflict free diamonds

The global diamond industry employs some 10 million people directly and indirectly all over the world, including Africa. The vast majority of the world's diamonds come from sources that use the revenues generated by diamonds to aid their national development. Given good governance and appropriate laws, diamonds are a vital source of revenue for building infrastructure and essential social services such as hospitals and schools. read diamond facts
the Hope DiamondThe Hope Diamond in National Museum of Natural History at Smithsonian Institution

Germanium diamonds Not sinceScience the use of germanium in the first transistor radios and the discovery of its crucial role in semiconductor research more than 50 years ago has the study of this element garnered so much attention.
The usual form of germanium has the same structure as a diamond, and this new form has a beautiful and unique “cage” structure. 

Hollywood Plays Rough Blood Diamonds

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Danny Archer and Djimon Hounsou stars as Solomon Vandy in Warner Brothers Pictures' action drama Blood Diamond.

epoque fine jewels and diamonds stolen in Belgiumdiamonds stolen Belgium

Over 200 Pieces of Jewelry Stolen in Belgium

Over 200 pieces of antique and modern jewelry were stolen on August 12, 2006 from the ART NOCTURNE Fair in Knokke , Belgium

 Diamond Thief Makes Expensive Exchange at Local Jewelry Store

The store, and police, are asking for your help in finding the gem worth tens of thousands of dollars

Diamonds, Jewelry, the economy and gold 
IDEX reported diamond prices are softening...Diamonds are the ultimate luxury item and during times of prosperity (usually when stock prices are rising), demand for diamonds is strong. Conversely, when times are tough, less people buy expensive diamonds...

AGTA stolen. Pres. Robbed of Jewelry Worth Millions . The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) revealed details of the million dollar robbery which resulted in the sudden three month leave of absence of AGTA president, Richard Krementz, beginning July 17, 2006. 

Sculpture Figure of a Siren, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg MORE than 220 objects worth an estimated $100 million (£50 million) have been stolen from the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

Vol Hermitage (en français) 5 millions de dollars de joaillerie ont disparu du Musée de l'Ermitage

Diamond girl Nights Go On Licensing Frenzy

DIRTY DIAMOND INDUSTRY: Investigates 47th Street

First read diamond laundry (part one), diamond 47th (part two), jewelry fence (part three), deadly diamond (part 4) and diamond black market (part five) of the investigation.

Apparently, this blood Diamond may be rough for business.west diamonds New DiCaprio Film Rattles west Diamond Industry

The Blood Diamond A farmer, a smuggler, and a syndicate of businessmen match wits over the possession of a priceless diamond.

DRC: Diamonds, children and witchcraft

MBUJI MAYI, 17 Jul 2006 (IRIN) - Diamonds, the top export in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), are mostly extracted from the middle of the country at Kasai Oriental Province. Yet people there are among the poorest in the DRC and diamonds seem to be tearing apart their society. Children do much of the work and many are killed in accidents or in fighting over diamonds. Distrust is feeding superstition and causing a strange and terrible phenomenon: thousands of children are being accused of witchcraft. read diamond children Full report

Kimberley Process : Speech: Oppenheimer World Diamond Congress Gala ...The WDC has, since its inception in 2000, been the public face of the diamond industry in the exhaustive negotiations with the United Nations, national governments and civil society in the creation of the Kimberley Process. This Process, mandated by the United Nations General Assembly and endorsed by the Security Council, is an international Agreement (between some 70 nations, NGOs representing over 100 advocacy groups and the WDC on behalf of us all) which, through its Certification Scheme, ensures that all rough diamond trading between participant countries is properly recorded, cross-checked and verifiable....

Very Large synthetic diamonds Produced Very Fast at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory

blood diamonds Some gems free of war, injustice
...By 2003, more than 50 nations had agreed to the so-called Kimberley Process, a system of import-export inspection and certification of conflict-free diamonds. The U.S. government later turned those rules into law....

coloured diamondsColoured diamonds :
America's Gemisis poses a diamond threat to De Beers.
Everyone is walking very carefully at present, but this Wednesday’s presentation in Johannesburg underscored the major changes that technology poses to the miners who dig diamonds out of the earth.

Lost diamonds Financial investigators are trying to locate a stash of 100 diamonds bought in Hong Kong using money linked to a high-profile hedge-fund scandal in Canada.

The tangled web leading to the diamonds involves a Hong Kong diamond merchant, a Chinese woman with a Hong Kong identity card who made the purchase, and a Canadian hedge fund co-founder hiding in Israel.

Black diamond at Academy Award : The $2 million Black Orlov Diamond owned by Johnstown businessman J. Dennis Petimezas, has been linked to the deaths of three previous owners who apparently killed themselves.

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harder than diamonds

Pink diamond ring expected to sell for £24 million . Sotheby's shows a rare pink diamond valued at up to $US38 million

Diamonds.net Belgium's Polished Exports +26% in August 2010

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