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Contact: David Braverman
Country: ISRAEL

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Currency: USD US Dollar

Category: Wholesale Diamonds & Jewelry

Description: Diamonds-USA is one of the first and largest online retailers of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. The always offer an extensive selection of the highest quality diamonds. Customers can choose from pre-set pieces or you can use an online tool to design your own diamond jewelry!

Cutting Diamonds & Prices USA since 1979 - Click to enter

diamonds-usa has been online since 1997, so you can say we are veterans in terms of internet time.

Believe me Extraordinary Diamonds don’t have to come with extraordinary prices

for phone orders or email to David Braverman: Please mention code 881 This help us track each purchase.

Our system has gone through quality assurance procedures and was found very reliable. We are very strict about tracking each and every order. In the diamonds business, customers often want to speak with a live person before making a purchase.

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Diamonds-USA Reviews

General conclusion: most customers they have seem to be happy and the stones are delivered fast, but you should check GIA certificate for inclusions before buying.

Good value for the money

Written: Aug 03 '05 found at

Store Rating: 5.0

Dear guys shopping for engagement rings,

I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know who is considering purchasing an engagement ring through about my experience.

I consider myself to be a very cautious buyer, especially when it comes to the Internet. So when I decided to purchase an engagement ring, I did a lot of research. Not only did I visit most of the jewelry stores in Springfield, Missouri, I searched most of the jewelry websites available. I also researched reviews of jewelry websites, such as at and various message boards. I did come across a posting that stated they had a bad experience with diamonds-usa, so I writing this to let you know that my experience was good.

I always wondered if the testimonials on any of the jewelry websites were real people or just their company writing it themselves. So that's why I searched for 3rd party site reviews. And just so there is no confusion I do not work for diamond-usa, I am a dentist for the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile in Springfield, MO. Here's our website:  I provided free dental care for at-risk children in the Springfield, MO area. I'm telling you this because I want you to know that this is a real testimony of my experience.

After about two months of research and price comparison, I definitely found the prices on diamonds-usa to be the best. Hopefully you realize that jewelry has a huge mark up of 20% to 40%. It really is sick how much a jewelry store makes off of diamond sales. Case in point, in some of the family-owned jewelry stores I was handed off to the owner or owner's son as soon as I mentioned I was looking for an engagement ring. They would give me free water and treat me very well, which I certainly appreciated, but an extra cost of around $2000 was not worth it. So the point is I was looking for the least amount of mark up and I believe I found it at diamonds-usa.

So I finally decided to purchase the antique style engagement ring with two accent blue sapphires. However, I upgrade the diamond to a better quality and size. When I ordered online, they ask for a deadline for when the ring had to be sent. I requested a week. I placed the order around 10pm and I received a phone call around 8am the next morning, saying they could not fulfill the order in a week and that they would need an extra two days. It did make me feel better that someone had called 'me' about my ring order, instead of me calling them about my order. As soon as I talked to them, they updated their website and the diamond I purchase was removed from their list. Which was another good sign. And then my order status said 'payment approved' for about a week.

Now I looked at my order status daily wondering if I had been tricked. But when I would call my credit card company I had still had a zero balance. I got more and more nervous as the week went on because their had been no activity or updates. Then after a week I received an email saying a tracking number had been added. Relief! So now I could track the package with the US postal service. It arrived at JFK customs from Israel, it hung out there for about a day, and two days later it arrived at my post office in Missouri. In fact, it arrived at 6:58am, and I went down to the post office and picked it up at 7:15am. Like I said I obsessively tracked this purchase order.

So now came the moment of truth... to open it up and see if the pictures on their website matched the ring I received. It did and it was gorgeous! The ring looked just like the pictures online. I was very excited, happy, and relieved!

Now I must agree with a review I read regarding their diamond grading... they are a little easy on their grading scale. I ordered an F color, SI2 clarity and it's more like an G or H color with I1 clarity. I know I am not a jewelry, but I am a dentist and I wear $1200 surgery operating glasses which have a pretty good zoom, and I feel I am pretty good at color shades since I deal with shades in regards to teeth. Regardless, I am still happy with my purchase.

I must also mention, that I did have to take the ring to a jewelry because one of the side sapphires was loose! I actually didn't notice it but my fiancé did. So we went to a local jeweler and they fixed it within five minutes at no charge. The jeweler said that was not uncommon?!

And just as they promise on their website, they did not charge my credit card until ten days after I had received it.

My bottom line is this: Diamonds-usa is a real company with some really good deals on diamonds jewelry. They delivered what they promised. And I feel I got a good value for the money. I feel I paid less mark-up than some of the other websites, but definitely less than the local jewelry stores. Although the actual diamond was not as nice as they claimed, you could only tell when you are wearing my special surgery glasses. So in other words, to her and to all of her friends and family it is a pretty gorgeous engagement ring. And that is my satisfaction.

Now engaged,

-Craig R.
Springfield, MO


What product did you purchase or try to purchase?
diamonds-usa Engagement Ring

Very nice variety, Really good prices - She was very happy with the Diamonds-USA ring!

Written: Dec 10 '03 found at

Store Rating: 5.0

I encountered this site a few times browsing the web for a diamond ring. I compared prices with around 8-10 stores and Diamonds-USA had the best price and variety to choose from.

I found a nice platinum setting with two side stones (baguettes) and added the main stone (1.25 carat round diamond).

I had a problem so I called their toll free number, a very nice man helped me, tutored me through the different stone types and enabled me to select the perfect diamond within my budget.

The order came on time (4 days after my order was approved), beautifully wrapped and it was all I expected and more.

Actually, when i presented the ring to my girl, she was amazed.

I highly recommend these guys.


What product did you purchase or try to purchase? Diamond Ring

Great customer service, wonderful shipping time, the jewelry is gorgeous!

Written: Mar 18 '04 found at

Store Rating: 5.0

This was a wonderful experience. I ordered online and they called me the next day to suggest a setting that might look better for the diamond I choose (at no additional cost to me.) I then emailed then because I needed to receive my purchase before a trip. The shipping time I was given when I ordered was 8-10 days. I received my purchase in 4. The ring is gorgeous. I will gladly shop here in the future.


What product did you purchase or try to purchase? Asscher Diamond ring

I also found one unhappy customer telling Diamonds-USA, AVOID AT ALL COSTS! but from what I have heard, most customers are happy, and the prices are fair and less than if you buy at your local jewelry store. I also found a negative review Got A Queasy Feeling  from someone who did not buy a diamond USA from them but did not like the sites design and the fact you don't get an image from the diamonds. At RockDoc wrote:" I looked at the site diamonds-usa today, at several diamonds . I looked at the certificate links, and all the plots pictured don't show the inclusions in the stone, and I couldn't find any GIA reports where the cut grade ( which is on the new reports) is shown.  I looked at stones that had clarity grades from SI- I-2, and on those type stones the inclusions on the plots should appear obvious. All the copies of the plots that I saw didn't show the inclusions.
Additionally, while the report number is there, the date of the report isn't. You might be able to see the actual report on the GIA website, but most vendors show accurate copies of the reports issued by a lab.
I am not sure if GIA would like what he's done. I tihink their reports if used to help sell a diamond should be "published in their full appearance" not modified.

My advice is to buy with diamonds-usa after giving them a phone call so to be sure they give you a diamond without inclusions and to ask to get an image of the stone GIA certificate before buying, since the photoshopped some of the sites image but most customers they have seem to be happy and the stones are delivered fast.

Contact: David Braverman
Email: Please mention code 881
Country: ISRAEL
Currency: USD US Dollar


We wish you a brilliant diamond day.
Danny Diamonds.

 real diamonds on Ebay

Real Diamonds on Ebay


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Pink diamond ring expected to sell for £24 million . Sotheby's shows a rare pink diamond valued at up to $US38 million Belgium's Polished Exports +26% in August 2010

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                    Real Diamonds on Ebay

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