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Behind the Seams: Cartier's diamonds Luminescent Legacy

cartier diamond bangles worn by screen legend Gloria SwansonCartier diamond bangles worn by screen legend Gloria Swanson

found at Tuesday 23 december 2009

Just in time for the holidays, Cartier celebrates 100 years in America with an extensively sparkly exhibit. San Francisco's Legion of Honor is hosting "Cartier and America" an exclusive exhibit through April 18 2009.

The collection houses more than 200 objects, starting with the Belle Époque through to the 1960s and '70s; jewelry of the gilded age and art-deco period surround platinum-set diamond tiaras, mystery clocks, and exotic creatures.

The real stunners are the royal pieces worn by high society and Hollywood legends; an exotic flamingo brooch made for the Duchess of Windsor, diamond bangles worn by screen legend Gloria Swanson, and — my favorite —

Princess Grace of Monaco Cartier diamondsPrincess Grace of Monaco's Cartier engagement jewelry  There's no denying Cartier's pukka power. Here's to another 100 years of diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.  

Cartier Bandeau  New York 1924

Cartier Bandeau , New York, , 1924, platinum, natural pearl weighing approximately 51 grains, round old-cut diamonds, and two pear-shaped diamonds.


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B003C2QT9E Vintage Cartier 18k Gold Trinity Ring ~ Antique and Estate Jewelry

Cartier Tutti Frutti

Cartier, Paris, Tutti Frutti bracelet 1929

Cartier, Tutti Frutti Strap Bracelet, Paris 1929, platinum, brilliant- and single-cut diamonds, leaf-shaped carved sapphires, emeralds and rubies, sapphire and emerald cabochons, and ruby beads studded with collet-set diamonds.

Tutti Frutti Cartier

Mrs. Daisy Fellows wearing Tutti Frutti Cartier necklace.  



Cartier, Paris, Crocodile Necklace 1975Cartier Crocodile Necklace, Paris 1975, gold, 1,023 brilliant-cut fancy intense yellow diamonds weighing 60.02 carats in total, two navette-shaped emerald cabochons (eyes), 1,060 emeralds weighing 66.86 carats in total, and two ruby cabochons (eyes).  

Cartier, Paris, 1930, Bracelets

Cartier, Paris, 1930, Bracelets

platinum, baguette-, round-, old-, and single-cut diamonds, one bracelet is composed of 47 rock crystal half-disks, the other has 30 rock crystal half-disks, and 60 rock crystal beads.  
Cartier Scarab brooch, London 1924Cartier Scarab brooch, London 1924, gold, platinum, blue Egyptian faience (wings), round old-cut diamonds, emerald cabochons, smoky quartz (scarab), and black enamel

Cartier Bib NecklaceCartier Bib Necklace, Paris1947, twisted 18-carat and 20-carat gold, platinum, brilliant- and baguette-cut diamonds, one heart-shaped faceted amethyst, 27 emerald-cut amethysts, one oval faceted amethyst, and turquoise cabochons. One of my favorite pieces from the exhibition.  

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor in 1958, with her Cartier ruby and diamond necklace offered in 1957 by Mike Todd.

Elizabeth Taylor Cartier Ruby Necklace 1951

Elizabeth Taylor worn Cartier Ruby Necklace, 1951, rubies and diamonds.

Cartier Tiger Clip Brooch with diamondsCartier, Paris, Tiger Clip Brooch, 1957, gold, single- and brilliant-cut diamonds ranging from fancy intense yellow to near colorless, marquise-shaped emeralds (eyes), and fancy-shaped onyxes (stripes).  

Cartier Brooch , Panther Clip , Paris 1949, platinum, white gold, one 152.35-carat Kashmir sapphire cabochon, single-cut diamonds, two pear-shaped yellow diamonds (eyes), and sapphire cabochons (spots).  



cartier ringCartier  Ring, Paris 1947, gadrooned gold and gold wire, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, square faceted emeralds, and one coral cabochon.  

Cartier diamonds NecklaceCartier diamonds Necklace, London1932, platinum, round old- and rose-cut diamonds, one cushion-shaped polished 143.23 carat emerald.  

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Read also Cartier and America with more images on the exhibition.

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